My name is Ruben and I’m a professional filmmaker and photographer with a passion for the outdoors. 


Capturing the outdoor experience with my camera and motivating others to go out and explore is my mission and  full-time business. Going out and connecting with people and their stories brings out the best in me. It works as a motivator to push my work to a higher level. 


Taking a deeper dive into my projects shows that most stories are centered around people who connect with their environment. Whether it’s pure joy, adrenaline fuelled fun or a bit of healthy suffering, my work captures these emotions and displays them to the world. This, to me, is what film and photography is all about.


On my free days, my camera always finds it’s way into my backpack. I can get lost in beautiful landscapes and other magical scenes easily. If you wonder how I capture these experiences, check out some of my

Personal Selections.